1) How much will a fence cost?

Pricing: Due to the style of our fences the final contract price is very unique and dependent on the situation. However we can give you a ballpark price for our fence. (Retaining fence will cost extra)

  • 6’ Fence: $80-90 per Linear Foot (Varies depending on footage)

  • 6’ PANEL for 5” thickness $500 FOB Only

  • 6’ Post $300 

  • 8’ Fence: $90-110 per Linear Foot (Non-engineered) 

  • Fence caps are $40

2) How does scheduling work?

  •  It will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to start, depending on style, size. After a 50% down payment is received your job is put on the schedule

3) What are the requirements for setting a fence? 

  • Access is required for a 28,000 pound forklift 

  • Adequate level ground for flatbed trailers carrying product.

  • Permits are the owners responsibility and not the responsibility of Olympus Precast

  • Be aware, our equipment and product are large and heavy. If your yard is finished, there will be damage done to landscaping. 

    • To avoid this we can provide a large crane to set the fence. However this will increase the cost.

4) How do I pay?

  • 50% down payment is required

  • Remaining balance is due after installation

  • Stain for the fence is billed separately 

    • Please be aware that the stain schedule is dependent on weather

  • We accept Credit Cards, however, there is a 3% processing fee 

  • We accept checks

  • We accept Paypal and Venmo

5) How do I get started?

  • Our salesmen are willing to help! They will be available to help you with the layout of the fence, surveying for the best location and negotiating a reasonable contract with you. 

  • If you are interested we can have you speak with one of our salesmen and they will be able to give you a price tailored to your specific situation. 

  • We are looking forward to hearing from you! Contact us @

  • (801) 571-5041

  • info@olympusprecast.com