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What makes our retaining wall system different?

Olympus Precast is proud to be a producer of Verti-Block, and the only provider for the

Verti-block retaining wall system within Utah. 


Easily maneuvered, the blocks are engineered to work in almost any space, and can accommodate winding turns and tight spots. Verti-Block is incredibly strong and versatile thanks to its interlocking design. Featuring a tongue-and-groove style connection, Verti-Block units ensure you’ll get a secure fit with the correct amount of setback on every installation. 

Beyond its structural purpose, Verti-Block is a favorite of property owners for its beautiful rock work look. Only Verti-Block showcases a 5-inch depth of relief, hiding joints, and making a finished wall appear more like stacked stone than any other block in the industry. 

canyonledge first photo.png


Olympus Precast has many styles to choose from, all of which can be stained to complement your project's design. If the below styles do not match your vision, Contact Us today to chat about a
customized retaining wall. 

Take a look at our FAQ's about Verti-block for pricing information.


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